Sunday, July 12, 2009

Boat party, beach, Bella, BBQ, (and martini night)

We were invited by one of the members of Keith's BNI group to a boat party last week Thursday. It was lots of fun and we really felt like we were living the high life :) I was excited that the boat even had a bathroom on it.

Keith was the only one brave enough to take a dip in Lake Michigan. No swim suit along so in his undies :)

We were overdue for a girl's night out to 84 East. Here we are friday night. I'm really starting to have quite the collection of these posed pictures with our martini glasses...:)

we had the pleasure and babysitting Cousin Katie's little girl Bella on saturday. She's a honey and full of it! We've never had the experience of raising a puppy so this was a new experience for us. She sure likes to chew...:) We'll take her again anytime Kate!Went to my friend Amanda house last night for a BBQ. Bella came too. Amanda's little girl Izzabella loves dogs and just giggled away watching the dogs play together all night.

We picked up subs and spent the afternoon at the beach today. We sat by the channel and watched the boats go by. Man some of them are huge. How do people afford them?!


Katie Hamberg said...

Thanks again for watching Bella this weekend! I hope she wasn't too much of a handful! I love the pic of her and Dolly :)

VandenBerg Family said...

That puppy..Ah! just too much. Can't you see how easy it is to take one home even though you're only going to "look". Love the picture of Keith jumping in the water. It looked cool.

The Hambergulars said...

Why let a little thing like not having your bathing suit along stop you, right Keith? He cracks me up. Glad you're having a fun summer doing so many things with friends - it's really true that the best things in life are free! (or at least mostly free.....) Like Katie said, thanks again for taking care of Tootie jr. (one of her many nicknames...)

Carol Sue said...

Love the picture of Bella and Dolly....also the one of Keith taking a guys are having a fun summer....I plan to see everyone in September!!!!