Monday, July 6, 2009

Camping at Matson's

Keith, Dolly, and I had a very relaxing weekend at Matson's Campground in Manistee. We got up there on friday around 2:00 e drove by Rothbury on the way. I could not BELIEVE all of the tents. Thousands of them. I tried to get my camera out but not in time to get a good picture. To me, Rothbury seems like so much fun. We're thinking about doing it next year.

Here is our campsite. Right on the Big Manistee River
Keith fishedI did a lot of reading (this is how I read by the campfire)We took a 2 1/2 hour tube ride down the river. Even Dolly made it! We were a little worried about how this would work but she did really good and seemed to really enjoy herself. She spent half the time on her dad's lap and half the time on mine :)
This was our tent's "maiden voyage" and it worked great! We used our credit cards points to buy it last fall. It's huge (compared to what we had been using). It even has a "doggy door" :)

Keith swimming with the kids

The river looked so pretty in the morning

We also bought a new camping grill. It worked great and we used it for several times over the weekend. Here I am making eggs for breakfast.

Dolly met a friend "Sophie"
Sis came to visit and went tubing with us :)
Probably the only bad thing about this campgrond is that the sites are very close together. Which would be fine if you went with a group and had a couple of sites in a row. We had really nice people on either side of us but we felt like we were on top of each other! We hope to get out camping a couple more times yet this summer!


Jenny said...

I like your reading light :) Can't believe Dolly really just laid on your laps for the tubing ride. GLad your grill worked so well! And I can't wait to use your tent, it does look nice!

VandenBerg Family said...

How fun that Dolly was able to go tubing. I said to bennett today "whatcha doin' dolly?" and he said, "mom you called me Dolly just like Brenda's dog." :) Looks like it was a WONDERFUL time!!

VandenBerg Family said...

and also cute that dolly found a friend :)!

Carol Sue said...

I also LOVE the reading light....your new camp gear looks great. I cannot believe that Dolly tubed all the way down the river laying in your lap.
Great pictures

Rachel Nykerk said...

I love your tent ! Good idea with the headlight. We can use those to go mountain biking at night. How were the mosquito's ?

The Hambergulars said...

Looks like great fun, Brenda! Reminds me of when Uncle Scott and I would take the girls camping when they were younger - we did that a lot, and always enjoyed it. Your tent looks great! And Dolly - what a good girl. I'm sure she had fun, too. Looks like a great weekend all around....