Sunday, July 26, 2009

Paradise Lake

Keith and I spent last tuesday through friday up at Paradise Lake with his family. We stayed at the Silver Fox Resort. Since we weren't able to stay the entire week, we just brought along our tent and slept in that while everyone else stayed in cabins. The weather wasn't great (cloudy and rainy...) but we still managed to have fun.

Here is most of our group minus the kids (Keith "stole" the silver fox for the picture)
Funny thing...on the way up Keith talked about how cool it would be to have a belt buckle with a bottle opener on it (only he would think of this). Guess what his mom finds at one of the shops in Mackinaw City?

We ate A LOT...I really need to restart Medifast next week!!

Keith did some fishing. I had to help him get this pike in the boat.

Dolly sporting her new life jacket
Ferry ride over to the island

I was surprised at how dog friendly Mackinac Island was. Dolly rode the ferry and was allowed in almost all of the stores. Fun!
We rented a pontoon boat one day

Keith and his sisters Marybeth and Pam
Me and Dolly taking a kayak ride


Carol Sue said...

Great post...I love the belt buckle Keith's Mom found. Looks like you had a great time despite the weather.
Great, fast blog.....good job Bren

Jenny said...

laugh about the belt buckle! Tell him to bring next Saturday!