Sunday, November 13, 2011

Park 2 Park, a new neighbor, Remi, Chicago...

On September 24 I ran my first 5K with a group from my office. I loved everything about it! I am going to try and continue to run (even though that is getting tricky with the colder weather) and would love to do more races next year. Maybe a 10K?

Look whose back in town (for good!) Aunt Carol moved into a cute little house just a couple of blocks away from me last month. Good to have her back in town :)

Keith has been working with Remi most nights training him with a "shock collar" which we recently purchased. Since we are not able to take him to the dog park for exercise every night we needed to do something because he continues to run off from our house if we are not careful. We had thought about getting an electric fence but this looked like a cheaper option and Keith likes working with him. It's going OK so far...will be nice we we can just open the back door and let both dogs do their thing without having to worry about Remi running loose. Thanks Aunt Carol for letting Remi use Sheba's old jacket!

And this was a costume I found marked 90% off at Target a few days after Halloween. Not sure what it is supposed to be but it seems to suit him :)

Jen and the girls and I met up in Michigan City yesterday and took the train into Chicago to meet up with Katie and Aunt Jean. We went to the Lincoln Park Zoo and then to visit with Rachel, Dave, and baby Charlotte. Wish we could have stayed longer! Here are a few pictures...

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The Hambergulars said...

It was fun seeing you, Jen and the girls in Chicago! Rachel said she'd be glad to have you stay overnight next time!