Friday, December 2, 2011

Thanksgiving weekend 2011

Keith enjoying some of his deep fried turkey. Check out that hair and beard! He hasn't shaved in a loooong time (a beard trimmer is on his Christmas list)

Uncle Scott and Katie cutting the turkey

Waiting outside of Younkers at midnight waiting for the doors to open! We decided to shop in Grandville this year which was a nice change. No waiting out in the cold. Overall we did pretty good. I got home around 6am and took a 2 hour nap and then headed back out to shop around in Holland.
Keith and I went to Blue Star Tree Farm last week sunday to cut down our Christmas tree. So far Remi has not broken any ornament or knocked over the tree.

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The Hambergulars said...

Neat tree you have, Brenda! Rachel, Katie and I decided to leave around midnight for shopping this year, so that was a change for us! Stayed in Holland, but had fun and good luck - especially Rachel - at Carter's! Kate and I got caught in the middle of a crazed mob at Walmart, but no damage was done - people can get crazy, though.....