Saturday, September 17, 2011

still slacking on the blog

So summer has pretty much come and gone and I have neglected to keep my blog updated. Sorry. All in all this summer has treated us well. I'm not exagerating when I say I probably had 20+ days at the beach (love it there!) So per Aunt Jean's request here is a new post....
This was taken at Hidden Ridge Campground on forth of July weekend. It was a perfect pool day and I had fun with Jen and the girls. I miss my purple feather!This was the weekend of Rachel's baby shower (can't wait to get the call/text when she goes into labor...should be soon!). It was a really warm day so Jen, the girls, and I took advantage of the pool at MVP (thanks to the free passes from Dave). Later that evening with had Taylie's 1st birthday party at my dad's house. The water balloons Jason brought were a big hit.
We had out annual camping trip up at Big Beal Lake the weekend of Aug 12-14. This was year #13 for me already. Keith went up early on Wednesday with Remi boy and I headed up friday with Dolly. I was amazed to see that Remi was calm and off he leash when I got there! He was such a good boy the whole weekend. This was probably the worst year of weather we have had up there. Luckily we had lots of tarps packed along and the guys created a "tarp village" so we could still be outside and not get soaked.
The guys spent a lot of time shooting bee bee guns at cans hanging in the trees. I even gave it a try and really liked it! And my aim is pretty good. Not ready for a shotgun yet though... Dolly and Remi both got loved and snuggled on real good

reliving his college days
We stayed pretty comfy inside our tent. All 4 of us slept on the air mattress
We managed to make it down to the beach for just a short time when the sun came out for a short time. Yes, that is the keg in the raft Our book club is almost a year old now and we've read a lot of good ones. We take turns meeting every 6 weeks. Below is at Amanda's house where we discussed Water for Elephants. I thought she did a cute job with the circus theme (we had mini corn dogs to eat too) :) Took in the Kid Rock concert last weekend at the Allegan County fair. Lots of fun.
And last but certainly not about them Tigers?!! Would love to get tickets to a playoff or World Series (!!) game....

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