Sunday, June 13, 2010

South Washington summer party

Last year our summer work party was scheduled on the same night the floods hit Holland. We were afraid we were going to have to cancel again this year the way things started out Friday morning. Weather turned out OK (really hot and humid actually!) and we had lot of fun. Chicken and burgers on the grill. 7-layer salad, cheesy potatoes, and steamed veggies from Beechwood Inn (Amanda also works there part time). Several people brought appetizers and desserts. No shortage of food!
Dr. B also made a huge batch of a concoction he calls "high quality H2O" (his kids taught him how to make it). UV blue vodka, passion fruit Parrot Bay, and lemonade. DANGEROUSLY good. Didn't take us long to polish off a few gallons...(there were a lot of us there :) We played games taken from the show Minute to Win It. I haven't laughed this hard in a while. They are trying to get the ping pong balls out of the box strapped around their waist as fast as they can.
The object of this game was to get the cookie in your mouth without using anything but your face muscles. (Keith ended up getting 2nd place) So funny seeing the people you work with in the office everyday out of their element :)

My DREAM is to have a house on the big lake (or any lake for that matter) someday....can you image how awesome it would be?


Jenny said...

Looks like fun! You'll have to throw a party and have us play those games :)

VandenBerg Family said...

What a GREAT idea to play games from that show! It would be hilarious! I would really love it if you could come to Colon in August some time and make us some of that "high quality H2O!!