Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day weekend

It was a fun and busy weekend. Friday night we had planned to go see Ultraviolet Hippos play at Kollen's Park as part of the Free Summer Concert series but the storms cancelled those plans. So we hung out at home and watched the Tigers (win!) with some friends. We ended up venturing to the Park Theater later on as it was rumored that the Hippos would be playing there instead. We stayed until midnight and they still didn't come out but we did enjoy another cool band that was playing there. (Thank you cousin Jeff for being the driver that night...)

Keith worked for a good part of the day on Saturday. I went to Laketown Beach by myself and finished a good book that Aunt Carol lent to me "In Lieu of Flowers". The weather was awesome and there were waves to play in :) Keith and I decided to live it up and have steaks (which I never buy) and portabello mushrooms on the grill.

Went to church on Sunday and then to my dad's where were spent most of the day. Had more yummy food (see below)
Macey wanted to play photographer (wonder where she gets that from??). I was impressed with how well she takes pictures. Especially on the one she took of herself!

Later in the day we went over to Jim and Rachel's for even more food and some fun outside. Macey absolutely LOVED riding the moped with Bumpa. And we had fun watching :) Wish I would have gotten a better action shot of them..

Here were our gifts from Ernie last just never know what you are going to find on your doorstep. The food was really good. She makes so much so we give half away to neighbors. The t-shirts on the other hand....
Does anyone else have a ton of mushrooms in their yard? We never usually have them but this year for some reason they are all over and are HUGE!


Rachel Nykerk said...

The food you girls made looks delicious ! It was a fun day and so nice to spend it with family.
That smile on Maceys face when she rode with her bumpa was the best.

VandenBerg Family said...

YOU ARE KIDDING!!! Those mushroom are SO huge!!!! I am laughing out loud right now about it. Your arm muscles in the picture of you with Keith are also huge :)!!! And what was on that plate of food that looked like it had a creamy sauce on it?

Also, I hear the weather might not be good on wed and if that's the case I may just stay home. But even if I do come to town I'm afraid it will be too late to see you before noon :(. BUMMER!!

VandenBerg Family said...

also, I like the new blog background a lot

Brenda Lee said...

lol Ron..I think the creamy stuff you are seeing is the grape salad that you gave me the recipe for. I make it SO often. Thank you (I think?) for thinking my arm muscles look so big. A little "M" though...:)

The Hambergulars said...

Great post, Brenda - we really enjoyed the family time at Jim/Rachel's - so fun to see the girls, and to play our new favorite game, boche ball! The rest of your weekend sounds like it was great, also. (ALERT! Aunt Jean to post to the family blog tomorrow!) Ha ha - it's about time, huh?