Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Honky Tonkin'

Keith and I spent a few days in Brentwood Tennessee (just outside of Nashville) visiting his sister Marybeth and family. We left late on friday night from our house and picked up his mom in Troy around 1:00am (this is the time she wanted to leave...another story). We drove through the night and got to Brentwood around noon. Here are a couple of cool pictures I snapped along the way during some of our rest stops.Keith had fun playing with his nephews (Garrett 11 and Griffen 8). He only gets to see them once a year if that. They love rough housing with him.
Saturday night Keith's mom stayed home with the boys while Keith and I went downtown Nashville with Marybeth and Brian. What a cool town! Much different than I thought. I was thinking all country music and cowboy hats (which there were several of) but it was very diverse. Lots of different music and people of the streets. All of the bars were very open and had out door decks and seating. Lots of lights and bright colors and the stores were all open late which was fun. BTW, I had not slept since Thursday night when we went out. For the life of me I can NOT sleep in the car and I tried taking a nap when we got there on saturday but couldn't sleep (Keith, no problem). I got past that point of being tired and just felt a little extra silly.

Looking for the perfect hat. We found one that we could share :)

Lots of action on the streets. GREAT people watching!
We layed low on sunday ( I slept like a log saturday night!). Keith and I took their bikes out for a ride. I about died. Thinking we were going to take a casual ride...there are so many hills! They don't look that steep but when riding a bike up it...I was dripping sweat! Another this about the area that they live in is that ALL of the houses are made of brick (and are huge). The houses in this picture are actually "small" compared to many in the area. Crazy. Not sure why someone would need/want such a giant house. Not my style...Brian had to work and the boys had school on Monday so us girls and Keith (he was a trooper) went shopping in the nearby town of Franklin. Lots of fun unique stores. I could have bought a LOT more but decided on a ceramic hand forming the "peace" sign. Sounds weird but it looks cool. Keith insists I have an inner hippie (and I wouldn't disagree) which is probably why I liked the restaurant we ate at so much. It was called the Mellow Mushroom.This fun drink was called Alien's Nectar. Vodka, melon liquor, and pineapple juice. YUM! Gloria and Marybeth in front of the "Magical Mystery" pizza that Keith and I shared. Fabulous! Not sure if this beats out the chicken pesto pizza at New Holland or not but it's close.
Both of the boys had baseball games last night so we went to those. Brought me back to when Dave played. Drove again through the night as Keith had to get back to work this afternoon. It's about a 13 our drive each way for us so it was a lot of time in the car for us. We had a fun visit but both agreed is felt good to be back home. Go ahead and laugh but we miss Dolly like crazy when we are apart from her for more than a day (LOL...we were only gone for 4 days!) I love visiting other places but it always makes me appreciate HOME a little more... :)


Jenny said...

I like the title :) Cool pictures and does look like a fun place to visit. Glad you made it back safely. Was Dolly just as excited to see you? Wear your hat on Saturday!

VandenBerg Family said...

Who watched Dolly? It does always feel good to be home doesn't it?!?!

The Hambergulars said...

Glad you had such a good time, honey! Great pics, and fun places that you visited. I'm up late watching the Tigers, but after several nights of this, I may have to get to bed before the end of the game - they're doing pretty well out west, but Verlander is having his problems early in the season, huh? At the moment (bottom of the 5th), they're ahead 5-4. We need a few more, boys!

Rachel Nykerk said...

It is a fun place to visit. Glad you enjoyed yourself. You would have been a great hippie back in the day.