Sunday, May 2, 2010

good finds and fun times

I decided to venture out to the Bluff Lake garage sales in Zeeland last Wednesday. I consider myself a pretty experienced garage saler but have never seen anything like this! I got there 10 minutes before the sales were supposed to start and could hardly find a place to park my car ( I later had trouble finding my car as I got lost in the I couldn't resist taking a picture of some of the food stands they had set up in some of the driveways. Port-o-potties too. I had to go so bad but didn't want to spend 30 minutes waiting in line.

After 4 hours (some of this time was spent trying to find my car) this is just SOME of the stuff I walked away with. Also got a bed rail and a couple of folding chairs for the girls.Lisa has booked a couple of Tastefully Simple parties with some of the girls I work with. I attend them all. Why pass up free food and slushy drink buckets? Here we are at Jen's house last weekend. Watermelon margaritas in hand.

This weekend was the kick off of Tulip Time (more pics to come later). The art fair took place in Centennial Park on Saturday and Sunday. I went both days :) Here are some of my finds.

these wooden bracelets were only $1 each.

I could not pass up these cute overalls with the princess apron sewed on for Kelsey. I picked out a more "grown up" jean jacket for Macey.

This dragon fly is made out of kitchen utensils and tool pieces

"bar fly"

My peace sign from Tennesse

This is called jewelry for your foot. Keith makes fun of me ('dental floss for your toes") but I thought it was cool.

Keith picked out this bird feeder for our front yard. So far it has not had any visitors. Hope the birds find it soon :)

And here is a picture of Amanda and I at the Groove Walk last Saturday night. Fun!

I've been having fun dutch dancing. We had a huge crowd watch us on Saturday. There were many people from out of town and I was asked to pose for many pictures (felt like a celebrity!). Jen and girls are on their way into town today (yay!) . We'll be going to the parade tomorrow, can't wait! If you are going to the big parade on Saturday be looking for me. I got talked into being a "balloon wrangler" and will be helping carry along the big dragon. Should be a good time :)


VandenBerg Family said... I'll comment instead of just admire your pictures. Can't believe the 1.00 bracelets. Also, Amy Bjorum put on facebook that her husband makes things for the lawn and that he would be at the art fair. I wonder if he made the ones you bought. My aunt Jeanette went to the sales you did on their last day and got the kids each a pair of winter boots. I really love getting a good deal! :)

annemarievanl said...

You wrote that you have been to Tulip Time or even danced as a klompendancer yourself. In heard that dancers sometimes crack or break their shoes. Do you have photos of that? I am from Holland Europe (the real Holland so to say but I admire what they do there in MI with our mutual heritage!) and I collect everything that has to do with our national symbol the wooden shoe. So if you have somew photos of broken, cracked or flewn off wooden shoes maybe you can mail them to me:
Thanks a lot!!!

Kind regards