Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter 2010

Dolly and Kelsey on Easter morning. Kelsey has become a huge fan of Dolly. A year ago...not so much.
Breakfast at church. We sat with Uncle Jim and Granda.

The Burgess Family. Next year there will be 1 more little princess in the picture :)

Aunt Rachel made some cute animal cupcakes. I think I remember these from when the boys were little.

Macey was thrilled when she found the blue wooden shoes that Bumpa gave her for Easter (he hid them in the backyard)

Bet she will be the only one is Holland with blue wooden shoes
And Kelsey happy with her PINK shoes :)


Carol Sue said...

darling beyond words....I love the one of Macey jumping up in your Dad's arms. The girls look adorable as per normal.
Great cupcakes Rachel......Jen, you look fantastic.
Love the pink and blue shoes

Rachel Nykerk said...

Great pictures, looking forward to the next princess too.