Sunday, June 28, 2009

Shrimp boil and pool party

We took off for Lombard, Illinois on saturday morning for Bill and Kati's house. Bill has family is South Alabama and shrimp boils are really popular down there. He's always wanted to do one at his house. He recently turned 30 and his wife Kati just completed her Master's in nursing so decided to have a pool party/shrimp boil to celebrate both occasions. It was lots of fun. It helped that the weather was PERFECT all weekend. I definitely got my share of sun. sun +good food+ plenty of beer = a very happy Keith

The dogs kept getting drinks from the keg :) ice cold...
huskin cornBill took a LOT of time preparing all of the food (and did most all of it himself). Impressive!


VandenBerg Family said...

Wow Ron! That looks like a ton of really good food. I'm jealous that you had sweet corn. Even more jealous if it was on the grill. Glad it was nice for you!

Have you seen Gran Torino...we watched it last night. The whole dog thing made me cry more than any other part in the movie. Poor sweet dog had no idea why she was left. And it was a lab...and her name was daisy (which is what I've always wanted to name a dog...but Palmer didn't look so much like a daisy :)

Carol Sue said...

Looks like big fun and great food