Wednesday, June 24, 2009

big fun in Colon today

Macey proud of her new Ariel swim suit (for doing so good with lessons so far) and the new rain boots I picked up for her at a grage sale. Kelsey is a natural Macey wasn't too thrilled about the idea of getting in the water at first but was all smiles by the end of the lesson
Free lunch for the kids during the summer, nice!

enjoying summer in the back yard

look out!
fun in the kiddie pool

Special treat :)


Jenny said...

When Mace went to bed, she said, "Oh no, Aunt Brenda forgot to bring the boots back with her." I told her that she could keep them here. Her response, "No way! Really?" They were definitely a hit with her! Good pictures! We always like when you come!

Lisa Zapolnik said... has $10 gift cards to 84 east for 60 cents. I bought 2 of them. It is good for lunch only. It is up today! You have to type in the promotion code DISH.
Just incase you were in the mood for a good deal.

Lisa Zapolnik said...

oh yeah.. it expires in 1 year and you can print it right from your computer

Rachel Nykerk said...

Great pictures Brenda ! love those boots. Great look with the bathing suit.

Carol Sue said...

LOVE THE BOOTS......great pictures, looks like summer is in full force over there. I am sure David enjoyed going since he has never been

Brenda Lee said...

Lisa, I just bought 4 84 East certificates for .60 each and 2 $25 certficates for the White House is Saugatuck for $2 each. Can't beat it! Thanks!!!! :)

VandenBerg Family said...

Good ones Ron, really, really good ones!!! Please come again soon!