Friday, May 8, 2009

Tulip Time Pictures

I really feel like I embraced Tulip Time to the fullest this year. Keith would call me a dork for saying this but it's true. Partly because I was part of an alumni dutch dance group this year. This was so much fun and I'm definitely doing it again next year (unless I am pregnant of course). I had many visitors. Thank you everyone for coming to watch me! I went to the Volksparade and Kinderparade and have a spot reserved for tomorrow's Parade of Bands. Went to the Arts and Craft show both days, took Keith's mom to Veldher's Tulip Farm and DeBoer's for breakfast, and have eaten more than enough junk food to last me until next May (back to eating healthy next week....). I've posted a lot of pictures on Facebook but here are some for those of you who don't Facebook (everyone should have a Facebook!)

Our group at one of our practices at Civic Center

The girls from South Washington Family Medicine
These tourists made us feel like celebrities! They couldn't get enough pictures.

Sis and I make a pretty cute couple

Some of the yummy food I splurged on...

Dolly needs to get a costume like this for next year!
Dolly got a special treat for being so good downtown
Hammin it up for the camera

Believe it or not this was my first trip to Veldher's Tulip farm. I was amazed at how many tulips were out there. Very pretty.
Keith's mom LOVED it
Our crew for the VolksparadeSis and her Snack Mule

Dave got to ride through the parade again this year

Kels loved the parade and had fun getting dirty in the street

That's a good corn dog!
Keith's mom treated us to dinner at Boatwerks. So nice being able to eat outside!


The Hambergulars said...

FANTASTIC pictures, Bren! So glad you enjoyed the whole Tulip Time experience so much - what a cute dancer you were! I'm sure Keith's mom had the time of her life; it was nice she could come, too....

Jenny said...

loved the pictures! I might need a copy of the one of ANnabelle and Mace, and the girls and you.

Carol Sue said...

Really good job with the pictures Brenda. Everyone said that you were so fun to watch Dutch Dancin, and I could tell by the pictures that you could really kick HIGH.
Glad that Keith's Mom was able to come and see some of the sights. You really need to get the one picture of you and her, ( on FB) framed and give it to her.
The girls are sweet as ever, I loved the one of Kels sitting in the street.

VandenBerg Family said...

My favorite is the one of you and Keith's mom in with your faces in the painted dutch costumes. Made me chuckle! Glad she had fun!! Oh, and I would also like a pic of mace and annie...or maybe tag it to me on facebook.

Rachel Nykerk said...

Great pictures Brenda. Your not a dork , you are living life to the fullest , the way it should be. It was fun to see you dance but I am hoping you don't dance next year. ( you know what I mean ) Loved the picture with you, kels and Macey.