Sunday, May 3, 2009

Some of my best deals yet!

My friends and I have been getting more and more into coupons, sales, thrift stores, etc. Man, did I hit the jackpot today at K-mart. Keith and I stopped there lasst night to buy a new mini blind set for our bathroom. Don't ask me why we decided to go to K-mart because I rarely go there. As I was checking out the cashier told me they were having double coupons again this week AND there was a missprint in the sunday ad. It was written for coupons up to 75 cents but it SHOULD have read up to $2. So I really felt like she had let me in on a super secret. I was very disappointed with the double coupon deals at K-mart 2 weeks ago because by the time I got there (tuesday) everything was off their shelves. I made sure I was there when they opened at 8:00 this morning. Above is everything I bought. If I would have paid full price for everything my total would have been $114. Crazy right? I would never pay that much (yes, I AM dutch). I pain $44 so I saved $70. K-mart didn't have too many great sales going but I had several coupons that were over $1 (and then that was doubled). These were some of the best deals:

Vaseline lotion: normally $3.50. On sale for $2.50. Coupon for $1.25 (2.50) --->FREE!
Secret Flawless deodorant: normally $4.49. Coupon for $2.00 (4.00)----> 49 cents!
Dove deodorant: normally $2.69. On sale for $2.50. Coupon for $1.00 (2.00)----> 50 cents!
Bic Soleil Bella razors: normally $5.99. Coupon for $2.00 (4.00) ---> 1.99
Special K cereal: Normally $3.89. On sale for $2.75. Coupon for $1.00 (2.00)---> 75 cents!
Purina Beggin Strips: Normally $2.39. Coupon for $1.00 (2.00) ---> 39 cents!
Quilted Northern TP (6 mega rolls): Normally $5.29 on sale for $4.99. Coupon for $1.00(2.00)----> $3.00. I had several of these coupons so decided to stock up!


The Hambergulars said...

OK, you are my hero. What super deals!

Rachel Nykerk said...

You could become a professional shopper !

Lisa Zapolnik said...

Brenda you look great. Also, thanks so much for the clothes for Merek. He has already worn a couple outfits. THANK YOU SO MUCH! Good luck dancing tonight.