Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Trip to the zoo and IKEA

Jen and I had originally planned to visit our friend Megan in Illinois this week but because the work on their basement wasn't finished yet our visit needed to be postponed (hope to make it there soon Megan!). Since I still had both tuesday and wednesday off from work, I headed down to Jen's on tuesday morning. We took the girls to Binder Park Zoo during the day and went to Jason's baseball game later in the afternoon. Macey was nice enough to let me sleep in her bed and I slept great :) We thought it would be fun to go to Shipshewana during the day today but the forecast didn't look good so we made a very last minute decision to drive out to IKEA in Canton. Spur of the moment things are so much fun and I'm glad we went. This was only my second trip to an IKEA. The place is amazing and overwhelming at the same time. We spent 5 hours there and made out pretty good. The girls were real troopers!

I've always had a thing for goats! Macey got tired of walking so she got to ride on my back for a little while
Weiners at the baseball game! (inside joke to those who were there...see Elizabeth's blog for those who were not)Mace watching her daddy (first base coach)

enjoying their suckers

Kelsey checking out some fun lights at IKEA


Jenny said...

laugh about the weiners :) We sure had fun while you were here!

VandenBerg Family said... need to come more often. THe first pic of you with the giraffe is cool!

The Hambergulars said...

What fun times! Bren, I responded to Jen's post about how this reminds me of your mom and I taking you girls to John Ball Park. As I recall, you liked the goats back then, too!