Wednesday, May 20, 2009

St. Joe....South Haven...Saugatuck...

I started my morning with a trip to Holland's Farmer's Market. Got some tomatoes, lettuce, and a pretty planter for my mom's gravestone. From there Lisa and I headed to St. Joseph to visit our friend Rachel and her 1 month old little boy Ethan. Jen and the girls pulled into her driveway shortly after we did. We had a fun visit and Ethan is a honey! I think he looks like his grandpa Gary (for real!).

Kelsey giving Ethan kisses on his feet
We turn around and see that Kelsey made herself comfy in Ethan's bouncy
Lunch outside at a cute little cafe downtown St. Joe

goof ball
had to make a stop for ice cream

still likes her blue ice cream
sis and I had some fun shopping downtown St. Joe. We also made stops at South Haven and Saugatuck on our way back to Holland. Summer sure feels like it has arrived!


Jenny said...

that ice cream looks gross!

VandenBerg Family said...

Thought the yellow ice cream looked *interesting* to say the least. What kind was it? Ron, what did you think of South Haven. I've never been but that's where everyone from Colon goes when they say they're "going to the beach."

Brenda Lee said...

I think the ice cream was mango? I thought South Haven was really nice. Fun shops and Clementine's Restaurant is really good. I was also impressed with St. Joe. It didn't even take an hour to get there from my house. Fun to try different towns!