Monday, April 20, 2009

sorry no pictures this time

I know it's not as much fun to read a blog without pictures but I just haven't taken any in the past week or so (I think that's a record). But I hate to go more than a week without a new post so here are a few tid bits from what's new...

Keith and I went to the east side of the state this past weekend for the baptism of his cousin Michelle's daughter Nora. It was nice to see his family as we hadn't seen them since Christmas. We stayed overnight at his mom's house on Saturday. Anyone know how to fly fish? Keith was given a TON of fly fishing gear from his mom's friend Sharron. Her husband passed away last year and she wanted Keith to have all of his fly fishing stuff. He's pretty excited about it. He sure .loves finding new hobbies.

Since the weather has been nicer Dolly and I have taken up jogging. We're up to 3 miles now. Not bad for 2 old gals. I know this doesn't sound like a lot but a few months ago I wouldn't have been able to finish a mile. There are so many nice places to run/walk around here ( I love going down South Shore as the sun is coming up or just going down).

Only 1 more dutch dance practice before we start dancing in costume downtown! Not sure where we will be lined up on 8th street just yet but I'll let you know when I find out.

Keith had been doing a LOT of estimates lately. He did one for the airport on Ottawa Beach Road and another for 2 West Ottawa elementary schools. If he could land just one of these jobs he will stay busy for a good chunk of the summer! He's looking forward to having Dan come back to work :)

Thanks Elizabeth for telling me about double coupon days at K-mart this week (up to and including coupons for $2!). It's on my agenda for Wednesday. I'm looking forward to saving lots of money :)

Speaking of saving money....garage sale season is in full swing. I hit some great ones this past Saturday. Many of the ones I went to were donating all of the money to cool things like juvenile arthritis and an adoption fund. I could have spent WAY more time at them but we needed to get on the road to Troy. I plan on going out again this weekend!

That's all I can think of for now. I'm going to do the Groovewalk this weekend so I should have some fun pictures to post after that!


Carol Sue said...

Uncle Scott used to fly fish all the time, he tied his own flies, etc so he would be a good hook-up for Keith.
Did you pass TT inspection?
If you keep jogging and running and walking you are going to shrivel down to nothing....

Rachel Nykerk said...

3 miles is great Brenda, way to go ! And that was nice that Keith was given all the fly fishing equipment, he is an adventurer.

Jenny said...

3 MILES Bren!!!!! Wow, impressive!