Sunday, April 12, 2009

Hipitty Hopitty

A fun Easter weekend! Family, food, sun, and lots and lots of Easter eggs!

Keith and I went to Googs Friday night for dinner. A special treat was that we ran into Gary and Karen Collings there and got to sit in a booth right next to them! Keith was hungry (what's new?) and went with the Big Macatawa burger (1 lb. of beef). He finished it off in 5 minutes. He is determined to eat that 4 lb. burger that they have the the White Caps stadium. I'm confident he can do it. The Big Mac was just a warm up.....

Something else exciting was that since friday was opening day at Tiger Stadium they had these glasses for sale for only $4 (with beer). Since I got Diet Coke mine was only$2 :) Nice!
Aunt Jean and Rachel were nice enough to host a Easter egg hunt for Macey and Kelsey on saturday afternoon. Dolly had fun playing with her cousin Ally. Super cute haircut Rach!
Kelsey was always determined to hold her own basket!
More egg hunting at Aunt Brenda's (in her PJs after a bath)
It was a treat to have Jason, Jen, and the girls spend the night at our house on saturday. Mace came along for my morning walk with Dolly at 6:45 am today. We didn't quite make it to the end of the road. "Can we turn around now Aunt Brenda?" It was pretty chilly out! :) Snuggling on the couch afterwards.

And even more Easter goodie hunting at Bumpba's after dinner today. It was good to see Kayle too!
And how about those Tigers and Brandon Inge this weekend??


Carol Sue said...

wow....lots of egg hunts. I bet the girls had a hay day!!!!
Did not know about the egg hunt yesterday by Jean and Rachel. Very nice and I also love Rachel's new cut.
Looks like everyone had a good time. Tigers are in 1st place!!!

Jenny said...

That IS a big burger that Keith ate! I knew you said it was big but I didn't realize how big. Thanks again for having us over, we had fun. Mace is watching Barbie Nutcracker right now :)

VandenBerg Family said...

Holy cow...that burger makes me full just looking at it. Great update. So you actually went to the Tiger's game on Friday?

Brenda Lee said...

Nope, just Goog's. I WISH I was at the game on friday!! It was a good one...

The Hambergulars said...

What a GREAT weekend all around! So wonderful to see the little ones, J&J, and K&B, as well as have our Rachel home! I have to agree that the new haircut is super cute on my beautiful girl! No doubt in my mind that Keith can eat the giant burger; I'm sure the one at Goog's was just a "warm-up." Totally impressed with how the Tigers did on their opening homestand; the win yesterday was especially gratifying, after being down 0-4 going into the 8th inning! Can you believe they were thinking of trading him last year? His fielding alone is worth the price of admission; now that he's hitting great, too, need I say more?