Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Check out some of these concoctions! Don't know how people come up with some of these ideas and actually EAT them!

This is a 15 inch deep fried hot dog loaded with cole slaw and a bunch of other stuff

hot dogs inside a Twinkie bun

meat cake with mashed potato frosting and ketchup frosting
Deep fried Oreos with chocolate (OK this one I would totally try)

candy pizza (and maybe this one too...)

deep fried White Castle sandwiches

McNugget-tini (McDonald's shake w/ vanilla vodka, BBQ rimmed glasss w/nugget for garnish)

These were just a few I thought were funny. Check out more pictures at the below link. Don't ask me where I come accross these crazy blogs.... :)


Rachel Nykerk said...

Interesting, I wonder about the calorie count in those foods - I am sure they are off the charts.

Jenny said...

It'd kinda be fun to try to think of weird stuff like that and see if people would really eat it. GROSS on a lot of them (I'd try the Oreo one too!)

VandenBerg Family said...

That top hot dog is HUGE! Did you see that Mrs. Hughes went to the restaurant called "Heartattack..." something. Can't remember the name. They don't even offer diet pop. I think these things could be added to their menu.