Sunday, March 8, 2009

It's Digger time!

As is Grave Digger time (I just learned this lingo last night). Keith and I were given free tickets to the Thunder Nationals at VanAndel Arena last night. When Keith asked if I wanted to go, I wasn't too crazy about the idea but we didn't have anything else going on so I thought "why not?". I have to admit I enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would. I can remember going to see the monster trucks at the Ottawa County Fair years ago. David was a big fan of Big Foot (I think that was the name?) I didn't remember the trucks being so LOUD! I had to plug my ears a couple of times last night. Along with the exciting show the trucks put on there was some great people can imagine the crowd that was there. All kinds... :)
Here is a taste of what we saw. (this should play as a video clip...hope I did it right)

And since we were in the area we couldn't pass up stopping at Vito's Pizza on the way home. Vito's was our favorite spot to go when Keith lived downtown GR at Sechia Hall. It was so much fun when he lived down there. So close to everything! Nice to see that not much had changed at Vito's :)

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VandenBerg Family said...

This is hilarious! I bet there were AWESOME people watching opportunities. And YUM...Vitos :)

Rachel Nykerk said...

You probably sat by the same guys we sat by on our plane trip to Florida, they were going to the Daytona 500, when the stewardess came to take drink orders they asked with a toothless smile, can we start with 4 buds (each)?