Sunday, November 2, 2008

A place to call home

Took a trip to Colon yesterday to help Jen, Jason, and the girls get settled into their new home. We had a good crew of workers so I felt like a lot got done. The weather was great so was got a lot of outside stuff done as well. A special "THANK YOU" to Karen for making us lunch to take along! The candy and treats were also a big hit :)

Keith and his helper taking off wallpaper

big helpers!

LOTS of wallpaper...why did people even put this on theirs walls?!

Jason's mom did a great job of cleaning all the nooks and crannies in the kitchenDarrin and Bennett cleaning up the leaves

We had a HUGE pile at the end...

Keith and Darrin carried Bennett in the tarp with the leave and dumped him in the pile
One of several "sheds" in their back yard. It's a big back yard!
Taking a break for lunch

Macey running into the pile :)


VandenBerg Family said...

what fun pictures! great job remembering to take a lot of them! i hope thier first night there went well!!

Jean said...

How EXCITING! The house looks great - so large, too! The kids look they're having a blast - it must be a great feeling for Jen & Jason to finally be in their own place. Love to all! (Jen - so glad you're getting internet service soon!)

Carol Sue said...

Way to go Brenda..I knew I could depend on you for some pictures. Looks like you got a lot of stuff done. I LOVE the yard, having seen it before, now that it is clean is will be great. I love a'' the "sheds",
Great job by Renee Burgess, she had the worst job I out someone's kitchen is a TOTAL drag, along with the bathrooms. Looks like Darrin/Elizabeth and kids were also a big help, and of course Keith is a hero with that "paper" and paint. Are they "in" the house for good now? All of the stuff out of the rental? I can't wait until the internet people come on Tuesday, then Jenny will have to get back at the blog and updating her pictures. Being sick I finally got my blog updated with about 4 entries so you can read those. Sheba even posted one about her Mom.

megalin0 said...

wow,looks like they had quite a large group of helpers. You and Keith are just moving people in left and right;). Cute pictures.