Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My Bucket List

Keith and I watched the "The Bucket List" last night. Very good (we both cried). Kind of predictable but one of those feel good kind of movies. For those of you who aren't familiar with the movie it's about 2 guys who find out they only have 6 month to a year to live. They create a "bucket list" of things they want to do before they die (kick the bucket...). Towards the end of the movie there are two profound questions that get asked. "have you found joy in your life? has your life brought joy to others?" Makes you think...It's really hard to think of ALL of the things I want do in my lifetime but here are a few in no particular order....

-go to Disney World (can you believe I have never been?!)

-go on a cruise (preferably with a big group of friends and family)

-get a tattoo in memory of my mom

-get my nursing degree

-become a mother

-watch the Tigers win the World Series..not on TV. I want to be there

-live on the lake (this is more like a dream)

-ride in a hot air balloon

-attend a summer concert festival (Woodstock, Lallopalooza, Rothbury, etc)

-rescue a dog or 2 or 3 from the Humane Society

-sleep on the beach

-throw stones in Lake Michigan with Keith on our 50th wedding anniversary :)


jeanh said...

Brenda - What a great "bucket list!" And I know you'll achieve most if not all of them. If you need someone to go up in a hot air balloon with you, I'm completely game! I have always wanted to do that, too.

Carol Sue said...

Have not seen the movie but I hear it is good. Have you found the "red box" at Walmart, movies for a dollar...great list. You will achieve them all as Jean says. Count me out for the hot air balloon ride, but a cruise sounds like great fun

VandenBerg Family said...

Cruise...yes, I agree...I would love that. Just wanted to say, EXCELLENT posts! I might try to do a bucket list but it will take a little thinking. Thinking is something I don't do much of these days :) Did you know that Regal and Dolly are almost exactly one year apart. Reg will be 9 in November. Darrin thinks it's the same as Bennett's but can't remember right now.

hamandporkchop said...

Your list is quite resonable, you are a dreamer and you are determined, you will get really should go to disney..there are a lot of good deals in the fall...well when you graduate from nursing school will be about the same time Jim is completely done, we will all have to find a cruise for celebration!!!!and love the costume on dolly..

Rachel Nykerk said...

Great list for a great gal ! Sign me up for the cruise.