Saturday, November 22, 2008

Happy 30th Keith

Keith welcomed in the decade of his life yesterday. 30 years old. He was 19 when I met him. Crazy! I remember thinking 30 sounded so old...a true "grown up". And here we both are yet I can't say that I feel like a true grown up just yet. Maybe when we are 40...

Playing Rock Band at Lisa's. Keith is really good at singing!
It was Keith and 4 girls for his birthday. Lucky guy!
This is one side of the new "S" night club. It's the more casual side. It is set up like a Tiki Bar.
Birthday boy with sis and I. (We were not planning on going to the "S" at the beginning of the night which is the reason for Keith and my casual outfits)

I'm not gonna lie, the "S" was a little bit much for Keith and I. A little too big, crowded, and fancy for us. (OK maybe we are getting a little old...) It wasn't really our style but am glad we got to check it out. Sure doesn't feel like you are in Holland while you're there.

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Carol Sue said...

Looks like you were having fun though. Not Robert and I's style either, we are more into the small jazz, blues or R/B places. But we are OLD....