Sunday, November 23, 2008

Turkey Day is coming :)

We bought a big deep fryer this weekend (on sale at Menards) and are going to attempt to deep fry a turkey on thursday. Thankfully Aunt Rachel is also cooking one in the oven in case ours turns out like the picture on the right. I know you have to be very careful when doing this and have gotten lots of helpful hints and advise so I think we will be OK :)
Last night we tried out another church (Our Lady of the Lake). Keith grew up going to a Catholic Church and he has always wanted to try going to one out here. It was alright. He even admitted after the service that he has gotten used to 1st Ref. and doesn't like Catholic services as much. We plan to try out a few more churches in the area. Lisa has been coming with us. It's kind of fun.
I found a recipe for pumpkin pancakes and tried making them this morning. They turned out pretty good. I had some at IHOP last week for breakfast and mine weren't quite as good. I got out many of my Christmas decorations this afternoon so the house is looking very Christmasy already. I think we might even cut down our tree next weekend already. After reading Aunt Jean's newest blog we decided to take a drive out to Saugatuck/Douglas tonight. She was right, very pretty downtown! Keith drove me by some of the houses he painted in Saugatuck. Man, there are some gorgeous houses out there...We saw a total of 5 deer on our drive.
I only have to work 2 days this week!!! I love Thanksgiving and all of the preparation before hand. The shopping the day after is one of the biggest highlights of the year for Jen and I. BTW, you can view the Black Friday Ads online already. Hope to see many of you this week! :)


Carol Sue said...

Yes, let's hope that your turkey does not end up like the one on the right.GADS, do be careful with it but the result is so GOOD.
Nice that you drove to Saugatuck tonight and how charming that you saw the houses that Keith painted.
I cannot believe that the Black Friday ads are online already....have you found some good bargains?
Have great fun during this short week for work

Carol Sue said...

PS...make sure you post some pictures of your house looking like Christmas

VandenBerg Family said...

I laughed out loud when the first think I saw on your blog were the deep fried turkey pictures and the fire. Good luck with that!

JJ&MK said...

also like the pictures of the deep fryers...laugh. I'm excited to try the turkey! What kind did you end up buying?

Brenda Lee said...

We went with a 14 lb. frozen "self basting" one. On sale at Family Fare for .69/lb (good deal!). We bought an injector so be can juice it up with marinade before drunking it :)

Rachel Nykerk said...

I am looking forward to seeing this turkey frying , I am sure it will be great. Hey , if you ever go to Douglas shopping, they have a great parade. and in all the stores they have wine and appetizers, and they have a parade . The shops have some really unique gifts, and the coffee shop there has the best coffee. They are also dog friendly.