Thursday, November 20, 2008

A baby day

Went to visit Lisa Z's new baby boy Merek yesterday. What a honey. Looks so much like his dad. At night I went to my friend Amanda's baby shower. It was held at our office. Amanda is having a baby girl. I think I mentioned in an earlier post this spring that she was having a miscarriage. She found out a week later that everything was OK and she has had a normal pregnancy ever since :)
The rooms are a lot bigger at Holland Hospital!
Some tired girls!
Macey got a hot dog for lunch at the Spectrum Hospital cafeteria. It was a big one :)
Amanda in front of all of her presents


Carol Sue said...

Great pictures, I love how careful Macey is with Merek and the hotdog picture was a gem, she looks like she mastered the technique though. Check out Jen's blog for the latest "quotes"

VandenBerg Family said...

Yup...agree...hotdog picture is a classic :)!!