Monday, June 2, 2008

Rachel and Dave's wedding

This past weekend was a fun one with the highlight being my cousin Rachel's wedding. We had the rehearsal on friday night which went very smoothly. Dinner was at Boatwerks afterwards. We had a private room with a great view of the lake. Very yummy appetizers, dinner, and dessert. I had a few errands to run on saturday morning. I just glanced at the garage sale ads as I was eating breakfast and decided I would just drive by and check out the sales they were having in Timber Ridge. I truly think I am becoming addicted to garage sales. What I thought was going to be a quick stop turned into 2 hours. It's not like I'm even looking for anything in particular. I just love finding a good deal. My Aunt Rachel and I were the Mistresses of Ceremony so we went to Alpen Rose first to make sure everything was set up. From there we went to the church and helped everyone get ready and made sure things were in place (which really wasn't much work at all!) The ceremony went really well. No mess ups, no fainting, and little Mace made it all the way down the aisle! The reception was lots of fun. Great food, drinks, dancing, etc. After the reception winded down around 11:00 many of us walked over to the new City Flats hotel. If you have never been there before, it is a really cool place! I don't feel like I am in Holland when I am there. My Aunt Carol had reserved a junior suite so that is where the after party was. We stayed until almost 4:00 am! The bride and groom even stayed up late with us which was really cool. Sunday was spent relaxing. I have a hard time staying inside when the sun is out so we sat in our lounge chairs on the deck, played bags, grilled, took Dolly for a walk, and then went out for ice cream later at night. We went to Frosty's again. This time I got a cotton candy flurry. It was good but I liked the cupcake swirl better. Back to work today....nothing too exciting. We did have J. Carino's for lunch so that was nice. After work Keith and I cut the grass tag team style. He borrowed Charles's lawnmower so he did the front while I did the back. It was so much quicker. We rode our bikes to the church softball game at Matt Urban Park. Aunt Carol, Jean, and Rachel were there too. We went to Captain Sundae afterwards (butterscotch malt). We really enjoyed the bike ride. Maybe I will start riding my bike to work. I have hundreds of pictures from the wedding. Here are some of my favorite....

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