Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Bath and Body Works Summer Sale

I feel like tuesdays are always the most boring days of the week. Nothing out of the ordinary happened today. It was a pretty good day at work. Mr. Pita for lunch. I forced myself to go to the gym after work since it has been over a week since I worked out. I always feel good afterwards. I went to the summer sale at Bath and Body after supper. Lots are great deals. Many lotions, sprays, and shower gels for $3. I got a nice big cute summer bag/purse for 75% off. The sale ends tomorrow so if you need to stock up it is worth the trip! I went to get groceries at the "new" Meijers since I was out in that neck of the woods. I always end up spending more time in that store because things are harder to find compared to the Meijers on 16th street. I'm not sure why, but for the past week or so I have been staying until midnight or later. I just don't feel tired. (I do in the morning though). Maybe it is because the Tigers have been playing on the West Coast and I just can't go to sleep until they are done playing.

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nykerk06@comcast.net said...

You go gitl!!!! Thanks for the coupon ar Bath/Body!!!
Great fun hanging with you yesterday