Saturday, May 17, 2008


Keith and I met Jen and the girls at McDonalds this morning for breakfast. I got their new Miscalled breakfast burrito (I had a coupon). Very good and big! I also love their McCafe coffee drinks. We were not expecting as many people today but it seems like we had just as many customers as yesterday. Again the weather was great. I think Keith really enjoyed talking to everyone that came by and had fun bargaining with them. He even handed out a few of his business cards (big surprise). One young kid even came back and dropped off his resume looking for some summer work. Macey had fun playing with the next door neighbor Skylar. We made almost $1,000 for both days, not bad! I wasn't expecting to make half that much. All of the little things add up. We are actually thinking about keeping everything in the garage and pulling it out again next Saturday to see if we can get rid of some more stuff. These are some things I want to buy with the money we made today:

1. A hair cut and color before my cousin's wedding in 2 weeks. I have lots of gray hairs coming through!

2. Flowers to plant in the flower box in our front yard.

3. 2008 state park sticker

4. A 1 hour massage. I have never had one and everyone tells me I just have to get one...

We had mulch delivered today. It looks good. Keith and I went to Red Robin for dinner tonight. I tried one of their new fun summer drinks. It was called a Mint Raspberry Lemonade. Different but good. After dinner we went to Lowe's to look at their flower selection. Nothing too great. Keith never leaves Lowe's empty handed so we walked out with some light bulbs, a hose rack with a built in faucet, and a huge bad of bird food. Believe it or not we are now watching the Tigers even though they have been playing so bad. I notice that they are all wearing their socks pulled up high tonight (Magglio never does this). I think they are hoping it will bring them good luck.

a mouthful of peas


jeanh said...

Bren - I guess wearing those socks up high must have worked for the Tigers - by now I'm sure you know they won! So glad you did so well at the garage sale - that's just great! Enjoy spending some well-deserved money on yourself. Let me know if you decide to continue with your sale next week - we might have a few things to contribute! Love, Aunt Jean

VandenBerg Family said...

That's a lot of money!!!! Let me know when you schedule your massage...