Monday, May 19, 2008


Not the best day at work today. All of the computers were down for the first couple of hours which made doing just about everything from charting, scheduling appointments, messages difficult. Like most medical offices now, we have electronic medical records (EMR) which means all info on the patient is in the computer. It's amazing how much we depend on computers. Everyone was flipping out because we actually had to write things down with pen and paper. This made everyone run behind which equals grumpy patients. By lunch time we were back up and running and everyone was happy again. I found out today that one of my friends had a miscarriage :( She was not very far along but was so excited about the pregnancy. This is really the first time any of my friends has had trouble with a pregnancy so I wasn't sure what to say to her. I know what the struggle to conceive feels like, but I can only imagine the emotions that are felt when one becomes pregnant and then loses the child...

Here are some happy things about today:

1. We had Paninis and french fries from J. Carino's brought in for lunch.

2. The Tiger/Yankee game that got rained out last sunday has been rescheduled for 9/1 (Labor Day) so we will be able to use our tickets for that game. If the Tigers can get their act together it might be a very exciting game since it is towards the end of the season.

3. It was pay day at work.

4. I got in a nice long walk with Dolly.

5. Kelsey found her thumb.



jeanh said...

Brenda - It is so like you to find the silver lining in the midst of the clouds. You are definitely a person who sees the glass "half full", not "half empty", and that personality trait has and will see you through life's trials and tribulations - you are SO special.

VandenBerg Family said...

I like your "happy things" list!!

JJ&MK said...

I like how Kelsey made your list of happy things! I like the idea of listing the happy things of the day. (Kinda like making a list of funny things from the day)