Friday, May 16, 2008

garage sale

We could not have asked for better weather for our garage sale today. I had to work this morning and got to my dad's around 12:20. Jen and the girls along with Erin and her 2 boys were already there. We advertised our sale to start at 1:00. At about 12:45 we noticed people starting to walk up the driveway. Time to open up shop! The first 20 minutes were a little hectic. Trying to get all of the stuff put out, people asking me questions I did not know the answer to, and trying to keep track of the kids. Crazy but fun. I was surprised at how fast everything went. Some people will give you what you ask for. Others like to wheel and deal. Most all of our clothes were marked $1 which I think is very reasonable. One lady who came right at 1:00 gathered up a huge stack of clothes and asked if we would take half price. I said "No". If we were asking $4-$5 for something, I would be willing to go down in price but $1 is a steal. It's kind of fun to see all of the the different people walk away with different pieces of your life. We got rid of most of my mom's clothes last spring but we had a few of her clothes left. It's a little weird to see people walk away with her stuff. I can so easily picture her in the clothes. She definitely had her own "style". :) Macey had a bit of a hard time seeing her battery operated money go. She had to give it a kiss good-bye. It was a gift from Grandma Nykerk and actually kind of creeped her mom and dad out a bit. We made a nice little chunk of money today. Keith and I have been searching our house for other things we can try and get rid of tomorrow!
Boxes are so much fun

I don't want to get rid of my monkey!

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