Wednesday, May 21, 2008

flowers, Chuck E. Cheese, and meatloaf

One of my favorite things to do at the beginning of each summer is going to the nursery to pick out flowers. My mom made it a tradition to take Jen and I to WW Greenhouse in Hudsonville each year and buy us flowers for our homes. If you have never been there before, their flowers are beautiful. Some of their arrangements and hanging baskets are enormous! I could spend several hours there. They have so much to look at. I try to do a different color scheme each year. This year I am going for a mix of bright colors. Hot pink, purple, orange. Hope it looks OK. I plan to plant them tomorrow. After loading up my flowers I met Jen and the girls at Westshore mall for a little shopping and fun at Chuck E. Cheese. I don't think I have been to Chuck E. Cheese since it used to be call Showbiz Pizza. Jen had a coupon for a pizza, pops, and 30 tokens. Great deal! The pizza was pretty good and the 30 tokens lasted Macey a long time. We headed over to my dad's after the mall. (I quick went home to pick up Dolly first). I made meatloaf earlier this morning for us to have for supper. Easy and everyone seems to like it. After supper we walked over to visit with great grandpa. He always lights up when he sees his great grand daughters :) Some pictures from today....
The hanging basket I picked out
Mace and I enjoying Chuck E. Cheese

Macey driving the truck with Kelsey riding shotgun

I am hot and sweaty because I just got done cleaning the shower at my dads.

Macey and her buddy Skyler swinging

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