Monday, April 21, 2008


I'm watching the Tiger game that I DVR'd since they played this afternoon instead of tonight. It was hard not to go online and check the score at work. So far the score is 5-0 Tigers so I have a good feeling they are going to pull this one off. Keith is working late tonight. He is trying to finish up a job so he can start another one tomorrow. It was a pretty typical Monday at work today. I came home for lunch and sat on the deck with Dolly and read since it was so nice out. I could hear the marching bands practicing while I was out there. Tulip Time will be here soon! I went to the gym after work and then picked up a couple of pizzas from Domino's. It was Customer Appreciation Day today so medium pizzas were only $3. Good deal!

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I am glad that I did not send you an email earlier that the Tigers won the game. I watched it on PBP, I would have ruined your surprise. You have been doing a great job on your blog, it was so much fun reading them after I was away from the computer a few days.