Wednesday, April 23, 2008

last year... this time we were sitting in Bronson Hospital listening to the doctor tell us that my mom had a brian aneurysm. He wasn't sure if she would even make it through the emergency surgery they were about to perform. We didn't even have time to go in to see her. They had to start the surgery right away. I could hear the words but it was like he was talking about someone else. It couldn't be my mom he was talking about. I had just talked to her the night before. She had called to ask if I had watched the Tiger's game. It was an exciting game as they had come back from behind to win the game. "Talk to you later" we said...Those 6 days "living" at Bronson were a blur of doctors and waiting rooms as we learned to say goodbye. It's something I will write more about later, but not tonight.

As most wednesdays are, today was another fun day. The weather was picture perfect. I wish everyday could be this nice. Sunny and about 75 degrees! Jen came over with the girls around 9:30. Jen had an appointment to get her hair cut and colored so I watched the girls. Macey thought her mom was going to get her hair colored BLUE. I made some cookies which Macey helped me decorate. I think she got more on her pants than on the cookies :) Mace took a nice nap in the big girl bed downstairs again. Jen came back with a very cute and stylish haircut (not blue). We went to visit with our friend (and 2nd mom) Karen this afternoon. After that we met our dad at the Chinese Food buffett :) I'm happy to report that the Tigers are beating the Rangers 16-6.

weird, I wrote this last night and thought I had posted it but I must not have clicked the "publish post" button.

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I am glad to know that Jen did not return home with a blue hair doo.....I can't wait to see her new cut and color. I know that a year ago today seems like yesterday, and at other times it seems forever.