Saturday, May 14, 2011


Last week Thursday we had a very nice dog show up in our yard. Collar but no tag. Usually Dolly gets a little fiesty and riled up when other dogs come around but for some reason with this guy she was calm. We played with him for a bit before he went running off. We figured he was going back home. 20 minutes later he was back at our door. Again we played, gave him some water and food before he was off again. This routine happened several more times (one time he was gone for over an hour) until we decided we better let him spend the night with us. I called animal control to report that we had found a dog and gave a detailed description. He is such a good boy. Hopped right up in bed with us and wiggled his way in between Keith and I. Slept that way all night.

He really took a liking to Keith. Dolly didn't really seem to get too jealous. Friday morning we were planning to leave for Clam Lake. I called the Humane Society and Animal Control again and no one had called looking for him yet. We didn't really want to drop him off at the shelter so decided to bring him up north with us. I quick went out and bought a dog cable so that he could be outside with us and not run off. (He got out loose 1 more time friday morning but came back after 20 minutes. I started to call him "Boomer" because he was like a boomerang).

Him and Dolly became quick friends and snuggle buddies. He did great up north (got loose only once after he saw a group of deer and went chasing after them). After the weekend we became quickly attached. He seemed to fit into our family so well! The one thing that he needs a lot of is exercise. This guy needs to RUN. We took him to the dog park which was fun. I was worried how he might act when Keith and I both left for work on monday. We came home to all of Dolly's toys out of the baskket and a few couch pillows on the floor but nothing was destroyed. The week went on and still no calls from anyone looking for him. A this point we were really hoping no one would call and kind of considered him ours.

Then on Wednesday afternoon the neighbor behind me told me she thought she knew whose dog he was. She was "friends" with the owner's boyfriend on Facebook. She said she would message him and let him know the dog was here. "OK" I said knowing it was the right thing to do. No more than 5 minutes had passed when my neighbor shouted over the fence that he was coming over to get "Remi". I didn't know it would happen so fast! I regretted telling her to message him. I started crying and hugging Remi. I had to quick take off his bandana because I had already started dressing him :) When this "boyfriend" of the owner came he wasn't mean but he sure wasn't very appreciative or happy to see Remi. It also bothered me that he didn't come with a leash but a rope to take him away. And just like that he was gone :( Keith was devestated when he came home from work. We are still debating about contacting the owner. We have heard that she is a single lady with lots of young kids (and I'm assuming not giving this dog a lot of attention). We would even offer her money if she would let us have Remi! I'm crossing my fingers he will just run back to us...

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The Hambergulars said...

Oh, Bren - that is such a sad story about Remi. You and Keith would make wonderful owners for him. Did you decide to contact the owner?

On another note, I'm glad you enjoyed Loon's Landing! We had a nice time there last year, and will be going back in about 10 days. Dave & Rachel will have one of the cottages and Uncle Scott and I will have the other one. (Wish Katie could come too, but she's really busy at work these days.) Hope to see you soon....