Saturday, May 14, 2011

Loon's Landing

A few pictures from our weekend up at Clam Lake. This is the first time we stayed at Loon's Landing (just up the road from Northaire where we normally stay). The cottages are smaller but very nice, clean, and had everything we needed

Dave won big at the casino (him and Jeff made several visits) so he treated us to some fancy drinks
Keith spent lots of time on the dock but unfortunately not many fish were caught Like I said this dog really fit in...miss you Remi!
We were listening to the Tiger game Saturday afternoon outside. When it got to the 8th inning and Verlander was still perfect we needed to make a quick ride to the Dockside so we could see history being made. I get really worked up and nervous when it comes to these situations in baseball. Dave and I took a shot of tequila to take the edge off (sorry the picture quality is not that good). JV wasn't quite perfect this time around but pretty darn close....


VandenBerg Family said...

The cottage looks so peaceful and relaxing. Lucky Dave!! You SO need to go talk to Remi's (Boomer's) owner. The worst thing that could happen is that she would say no.

hapi said...

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