Saturday, October 23, 2010

fall 2010

Haven't we been lucky with awesome weather this summer/fall? It seems like every weekend has been just about perfect. Keith's mom came to stay with us last weekend. She brought Dolly some special treats from a farm and feed store. She said they were made from cow "privates". Lovely. Dolly sure did enjoy them. Although she did get stuck in the doorway a couple of times...Keith grilled up some Venison for his mom. She had never had it before. Not sure if she was just being polite but she ate it all. I've tried it twice now and just can't stomach it. Not sure if it is a mental thing or what. Keith LOVES it. We have a freezer full. So again I say...if anyone wants some you are more than welcome!While his mom was here we went to visit his Aunt Sylvia in Kalamazoo. She took us to a stream where we could watch the salmon "run". She also took us to a fish hatchery. 2 things I had never done before. Pretty cool. Keith found out about a secret disc golf course from a friend. It's located in the Saugatuck/Douglas area right on Lake Michigan. He took me there a couple of weeks ago and it is our new favorite spot to go. It must be part of the Presbyterian Camp (which I didn't know existed until now). We call it the secret spot because you would never know this place exsisted unless you were given special directions. The camp is huge and has all kinds of walkways and cottages. Everytime we have gone we have been the only ones there. We have seen deer, a red fox, an owl, and a piliated woodpecker. The only bad thing is Dolly ended up with 2 ticks :(
And I went to Colon this past wednesday and had the priviledge of going along to play group (is that what it's called Jen?) at Nottowa Fruit Farm. Hayride, games, animals, etc. Fun day :)
Can you believe it? Seriously they grow up fast...She was so cute when she came off the bus all excited "Here I am!" Lots of giggles..


VandenBerg Family said...

Oh my gosh, that camp looks BEAUTIFUL!!

Jenny said...

Bren, I didn't know you went to the fish hatchery! I am pretty sure I've been there...Carolyn's aunt and uncle own it and I went there for dinner once :)

winedha's luv said...

it was beutiful.........!!!!