Thursday, August 5, 2010

my sunflower story

My friend Amanda had a terrible terrible case of poison ivy. She came to work on Wednesday wearing sunglasses because her face was so swollen and red. One of her eyes was swollen shut. She didn't even look like herself. I can't believe she came to work. Anyways....I was out driving on Lakeshore drive Wednesday night because it was so pretty out and I wanted to watch the sunset and take Dolly to Riley Beach. A stand on the side of the road caught my eye. Sunflowers. Perfect. I could get a bouquet for Amanda and bring them into work tomorrow (hoping she felt good enough to come in). There was just a lock box to put money in so I slipped in $10 grabbed 2 bunches and was off....everything was fine and dandy. Fast forward to Thursday morning. I put the flowers in their 2 liter "vase" and was off to work. Like many morning I was in the mood for a caramel latte. As I am digging through my purse I can not find my wallet. Panic sets in. I never lose things. The sunflower stand. Did I set my wallet on top of my car as I was putting the flowers inside my car and then drive off? I punch in at work, give Amanda her flowers. She loves them. I tell a few people that I think my wallet is on Lakeshore Drive somewhere and they tell me to just leave and find it. I get in my car and the gas light comes on. Doh! How am I going to get gas with no money? I call my dad. I stop at the lab and quickly tell them what happen. Thanks for the gas money dad (I owe ya $20) :) I drive down Lakeshore thinking there is NO WAY I am going to find my wallet. I start thinking about what the next step is. Do I call the police? I see the sunflower stand and park in the exact same spot as I did the night before. I walk around for about 15 minutes not really knowing where to look. About ready to get back in my car and then I see a butterfly. It was flying up by one of the houses and it was unusual. Black and bright blue. From where the sunflower stand was it wasn't real obvious as to what house was selling the flowers. I figured it wouldn't hurt to just knock on the front door. Soon after I knocked a guy comes to the door. "Brenda?" he says. Woah. I am close to tears. He brings me my wallet. "That's really weird" he says. "2 minutes before you knocked on the door I was just sending you an email to let you know I had your wallet. I found it out by the sunflowers this morning". I can not BELIEVE it sat there all night and no one took it. Part luck and part miracle if you ask me. I'll be keeping close tabs on my wallet from now on...:)


Rachel Nykerk said...

Someone was watching over you ! Glad you got your wallet back. Nice flowers for your friend.

The Hambergulars said...

Oh, Bren - This story touched me - butterflies have been a good omen for you in your life, haven't they? So glad you followed this one to the house where you found not only your wallet, but also confirmation that someone is indeed watching over you. (I like to think that both your Mom and Grandma Nykerk are guardian angels to everyone in our family)