Thursday, August 5, 2010

enjoying summer

RED DOCK! A bit faded but the dock really is red...A good drink with good music with fun people after a day at the beach=my happy placeMy friends Dan and Amanda had a BBQ at their house last Saturday. She went "all out" and gave everyone goodie bags. The boys got pirate gear.I discovered the "secret path" to the lighthouse earlier this spring (remember when I hurt my feet running....) We've made several trips out there this summer. I think it's so cool. You get to walk by all of these neat cottages along the channel and you kinda feel like you are somewhere that you are not supposed to be. Like only the fancy smancy people are allowed. But we are allowed and so are dogs! Big Red is really big up close! Lake Michigan is so warm right now! Dolly found some friends to play with

And of course Captain Sundae afterwards. (green poops for Dolly the next day!)IN HIS GLORY
She looks so small (and comfortable!) with Great GrandpaNot getting any attention.... So some reason they love playing with Bumpa's fishing worms.


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The Hambergulars said...

Bren - We just got back from our trip - what a great time, but tired! Will fill you in later. Wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed this post! Would love to hear about the secret entrance to Big Red, for sure. I knew Grandpa would love meeting Taylie - so glad that could happen. Looks like you're having a fun summer so far! Not long, and we'll see you up at Clam Lake! Oh, that's right - we have our trip to Colon next week! I'll talk to you about that soon - really looking forward to it!