Thursday, September 3, 2009

Time for an update

Thought I better update my blog since it has been a while. Nothing too exciting to report. Enjoying this last little stretch of summer. Loving this weather!

Aunt Carol, Rachel, Lisa, and I drove down to Colon this past wednesday (after a delicious breakfast at the Wooden Shoe). Aunt Carol found some cute costumes for the girls at some garage sales. Had to try those on right away :) Aren't they cute?
We made a stop at a new "scratch and dent" store in Colon called Kuntry Cupboard (or Corner?). It is run by an Amish family in their barn. LOVED IT. They have slightly expired and damaged (who cares?) products for super cheap. We all loaded up are baskets. I want to go to this place every time I visit Colon! From there we were on to Shipshewana. We all founds something (some of us more than others). The girls did great. It was a long day of shopping in the sun!

Keith and I are 10 days in P90X. I had never heard of this workout until a couple of weeks ago when all of his friends were talking about it during our camping trip. It is pretty intense! You work out for at least an hour 6 days a week. Each day is something totally different. The idea is to "trick" your muscles so your body never plateaus. We do our workouts in the garage ("ghetto" as Dan would say) but it's the only place we have room! We leave the garage door open so who knows what the neighbors think :) It's been fun (but tough!) so far. Nice doing it together because if one of s doesn't feel like it we push the other to do it. Come Thanksgiving we should be looking "ripped"...(we'll see!)Thankfully Keith has continued to stay busy and is booked out for about 2 months. He has a new ad on QJQ (99.3) starting this week, listen up!
We are pumped that the Tigers are in the Pennant race this year. I still want to get to 1 more regular season game. Of course I will be trying for playoffs tickets as well....

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Carol Sue said...

love the girls in thier free garage sale costumes!!!