Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A great "end" to summer

We were able to cram in a lot of fun this past weekend. We left early saturday morning for Softball World in Muskegon to watch the boys (Dan, Dave, Dustin, and Jeff) play in the state softball tournament. They played well and had a good cheering section. Aunt Rachel treated us all to lunch at The Dog Pound (was that what it was called...?). From there Keith and I headed up to Silver Lake. We went out to the dunes. Had to wait 45 minutes in line to get in but it was worth it. Man did we get a workout climbing those hills. The lake felt good! Keith was in his glory watching all of the big trucks. Here's a picture of Keith and my dad fishing saturday night. I couldn't take my eyes off the sky...
Pictures don't really do the dunes any justice. If you look real hard you can see Keith standing on the bottom.

The fishermen

Sunday morning (after a walk for the sunday paper and cappuccino:) Keith and I drove up to Ludington State Park. Neither of us had ever been there. The drive out there is so pretty! Spent some time laying in the sand before many people got there. Stopped in Pentwater on our way back to Silver Lake. Went in some shops (I would have gone in more if Keith wasn't along) and ate lunch a The Brown Bear. They are famous for their burgers and for good reason. We ate outside on the upper level and had fun people watching from above :)

We met up with some old friends in Muskegon on our way back home sunday night. The meeting spot was at Captain Jack's right on the beach. Very fun place. Kinda like Red Dock but bigger :)

"Mooch" (college friend) recently bought a 48 foot sailboat so we went for ride in that. Lots of fun.

We ended the long weekend by being somewhat lazy on monday and then going to Aunt Rachel's house for pizza. Thanks Grandpa!


Carol Sue said...

What a great sail boat....The games were lots of fun on Sat/Sun. Glad you could go to Silver Lake...Looks so pretty

Jenny said...

I hope you're going to frame that picture of dad and Keith fishing. You did cram a lot in! Looks like fun!

VandenBerg Family said...

That pic of your dad and keith fishing at sunset is amazing!