Sunday, July 26, 2009


We were about an hour and a half from Keith's mom's house on friday evening when my car started making a weird noise. It kind of sounded like we were riding on rumble strips. We were on interstate 75 just north of Saginaw. Most of you know that when we take long road trips I do the driving. I have to say I did pretty good. After a few seconds we realized we had blown a tire. The car started to shake and slow down and chunks of the tire started to fly off. It was stinky! Luckily we were near an exit! I was able to make it to a parking lot (of a work out center). This is what we found when we got out (front driver's side)We had to unload all of our stuff from vacation out of the trunk in order to get to the spare. Of course I found the time to dig out my camera and snap a few pictures. Wouldn't you know it started to rain (pretty heavy!) about 2 minutes after I took this picture.
We knew it probaby wasn't the best idea to drive all the way back with just the spare. Luckily there happened to be a tire shop just down the road. We pulled in 10 minutes before they closed! 30 minutes and $220 later we were back on the road with 2 new front tires (decided we might as we get the other one replaced since it was pretty old). A small could have been way worse!


Carol Sue said...

oh....the tire looks bad.....glad that it was not could have been.
Loved the one of Dolly in the car while the new tires were being put on

Jenny said...

really too bad....glad you weren't alone when it happened at least.