Sunday, June 14, 2009

garage sale, trips to Saugatuck, and poison ivy where?!

We had a family garage sale at Aunt Jean and Uncle Scott's on friday and saturday. I stopped by on my lunch hour on friday. Great weather and sales were pretty decent. Saturday was a different story....Cold, drizzly, and slow sales :( I did enjoy drinking coffee and visiting with Rachel and Aunt Jean inside the garage though :) All in all I think it was worth it and everyone walked away with a little extra spending money. We went to dinner at White House Bistro on friday night. I'm telling you the $25 gift certificates from RESTAURANT.COM are the ticket! I paid $4 for the $25 certificate. We got so much for our money and we got to eat outside and people watch! After dinner and some walking around in Saugatuck, we met up with Erin and her sisters at 84 East. Keith enjoyed being the only boy. Even though he is drinking a beer in the picture we did talk him into ordering a martini (although he did make the waitress pour it into a "manly" glass).

Grilled out and watched movies last night. Church and chinese buffett this morning. We layed out (in our anti gravity chairs) and listened to part of the Tiger game (what is up with Dontrel Willis??? Yikes...) We decided we might as well make another trip into Saugatuck. Out waiter at The White House on friday told us about this place called The Red Dock. He says it is especially fun on sunday's because they have bands playing. I'm so glad we decided to go! Such a cool place....right up our ally. Right on the water. Very layed back with a Key West kind of feel. You feel a long way from home! No shirt or showes are definitely NOT a problem at this place. The people watching was GREAT this weekend with the film festival going on (we didn't make it to see any of the films though)

You can pull your boat right up! (we liked the dog in this boat)

I got a kick out of the bathrooms
And they have cool things on the wall. This is our new favorite summertime spot!
One not so nice thing would be the fact that I'm pretty certain I have poison ivy on my butt! I noticed it about a week ago and thought it was bug bites. Not going away and itching like crazy! Keith has to keep telling me to stop scratching my butt in public. Don't ask me how I got it on my butt. I didn't do any squatting and peeing in the woods (anytime recently at least...)


VandenBerg Family said...

Oh JEEZ Ron!! Yikes about the poison ivy!! What a fun weekend for you. I would like to try the Reddock sometime.

Jenny said...

The Reddock does look right up yours and Keith's ally :) I like how you really take pictures of everything. It all looks and sounds so relaxing :)

Rachel Nykerk said...

Did you have the poison Ivy before or after the Red Dock ? and the main question is , did you sit and wiggle ?

Em said...

My nephew George is getting over having poison ivy up his nose... and all over his little man part... I wonder how HE got it in both THOSE places! Oh 8 year old boys!! :)