Monday, June 22, 2009

feeling lucky

The more people I talk to, the luckier I feel after getting through friday night without water in our basement, trees down, or power outages. We didn't realize how bad the storm was and how much damage had been done until we were out and about saturday morning.

Here is 32nd Street just past Old Orchard Rd

104th Ave

On the north side of town near the lake

Here we are celebrating Father's Day a few day early at Goog's with Jen, Jason, and the girls on friday night. The storms rolled in shortly after we finished up with dinner....
Kels "smiling" pretty Stopped at Matt Urban Park so the girls could place for a bit. Macey has on one of the princess outfits I bought at a garage sale.
After we left the park I mentioned to Keith that it might be fun to take a ride out to the beach to watch the storm roll in. Good thing we didn't because we may not have made it back! We just stayed in, watched the storm and the Tigers. I lit a few candles just in case but we never lost power.
Saturday morning Keith and an estimate out in Saugatuck so I rode along. We stopped at the 64th Street Bakery and Cafe for breakfast after he was done. Cute little place with good food. We couldn't believe all of the trees down, water over the road, roads that were completely collapsed, and all of the people with either carpet cleaners, water removal equipment, or tree service people at their house. We decided to go to the Holland State Park. It took us over 3o minutes to get out there with downed power lines, trees, and water over the road. We sat by the channel. Keith fished and we watched some of the (brave) boats head out into Lake Michigan. At night we went to Old Navy because we heard they had tank tops for $2. Too bad they were sold out by the time we got there :(
We took my dad and Grandpa out to brunch at Alpen Rose after church on sunday. This is such a treat for me. Sooo much really good food. Dad have never been before and really liked it. Grandpa only got 1 plate full and was stuffed. (Keith made up for what Grandpa didn't eat...). We lounged around outside yesterday afternoon while listening to the Tiger game (hey, they've been playing good lately!). Had burgers on the grill and went fishing later on at night (not in the boat though). Didn't catch anything but nice to be outside.
Dave and I plan to make a trip to Colon this wednesday. He hasn't seen their house yet. I plan to go to swimming lessons with Jen and the girls in the morning and Dave will golf with Jason. It's goona be hot so we might need to get that sprinkler out....
I'm also happy to report that my poison ivy is MUCH better. I started taking Prednisone last thursday which has worked wonders! No more itching :)

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Rachel Nykerk said...

Great pictures of the storm damage Brenda, you could work for T.V. 13. Glad the prednisone worked ! Nothing worse than itching !