Saturday, February 21, 2009

Story time and shopping time

I didn't have to work yesterday (love having Fridays off!) since the doctor I work for was at a conference. Lisa and I left bright and early and headed down to Colon. We needed to make it there in time for 10:00 story time at the library :)

Everyone listening intently to the story

Lisa using some of her teacher skills

Slithering like a snake ("S" was the theme of the day)

Snack time! Kelsey didn't waste any time getting in on the action

On to the mall! They have a double decker carousel at Cross Roads. Fun :)

She let out a little cry at first but enjoyed the rest of the ride
Doing what we do best. She loves shopping already.

Wearing Dora ear muffs (with the matching gloves attached)


The Hambergulars said...

What a fun day! Great pictures, Bren - I know Mace was looking forward to her Aunt Brenda coming to visit!

Rachel Nykerk said...

I love the one of Macey in her Dora earmuffs with gloves attached and an umbrella to boot. Looked like a fun day.

Carol Sue said...

How cool that they have a special day on Friday for the library.....where did you go shopping?