Monday, February 16, 2009

25 Random Things....

For those of you Facebook virgins out there who have NOT heard about the "25 Random Things About Me" note that is floating around, here is my list. (I thank Elizabeth for the great idea to post this on our blogs) :)

25 Random Things you may not know about me

1. I sniff my deodorant every time before I put it on.
2. I've never been to Disney World.
3. I have to clean my ears with a Q-tip as soon as I get out of the shower.
4. Not that I don't like it or am trying to save it but I have still not used up the bottle of perfume Keith got me on our wedding day (Ralph Lauren Romance).
5. Sometimes when I am eating something I really enjoy, I hum without realizing it.
6. I can not sleep unless I have socks on.
7. In Kindergarten I wanted to be a Baker when I grew up.
8. I noticed my first gray hair when I was 23.
9. I get dizzy easily and hate spinning around but love the feeling in my stomach when going down a big hill on a roller coaster.
10. I got drunk for the first time at a keg party at WMU. Those Broncos...
11. I've never fainted.
12. I got Sparky Anderson's autogrpah on a baseball card when I was 12.
13. I threw up inside of my purple winter hat in 1st grade.
14. I don't go to the dentist as often as I should.
15. I really liked watching WWF wrestling when I was a little girl.
16. I've never had a pedicure.
17. I could eat cereal for every meal of the day.
18. I can absolutely not stand it when people "hack luggies" and about puke when they do it into a drinking fountain.
19. Besides Senior Skip day (when my mom called in to excuse me) I never skipped a class in high school. College was a differeny story...
20. I always have to go inside at the bank because I don't "dare" go through the drive-thru.
21. When Keith and I are watching TV, I have to have the remote by me.
22. I love ketchup and sometimes put it on top of popcorn.
23. I like the white cream filling inside of long johns instead of the barvarian custard stuff.
24. One of my worst chores is folding the "white" load. I hate doing the socks :(
25. My favorite sandwhich when I was a kid was Cheez Wiz on white bread.


Carol Sue said...

What a great list.....I never knew some of the throwing up in your purple hat....

VandenBerg Family said...

I love the "I sniff deodorant" one. And I too am an inside banker. Darrin has to use a q-tip right after a shower :). I learned a lot :)!

The Hambergulars said...

I know what you mean about the long johns - I LOVE that white cream filling, too, but if one has the bavarian cream, I'll leave it on the plate. These lists are a fun and easy way to learn some quirky things about people - love it!

Beck said...

I used to LOVE Cheez Whiz sandwiches. Do they still make that stuff?

VandenBerg Family said...

just had to add...also love the "hum while I eat" Makes me laugh out loud. And...never heard of a cheese whiz sandwich. wouldn't have even thought of it :).

Rachel Nykerk said...

I have the same thing with # 3,18, and 20. That Hum thing you do when you love something tasty is so darn cute !