Wednesday, October 1, 2008

cheap wine and spikey blue balls

Here are 2 things I'm excited about.

I bought these dryer balls while in Shipshewana last week. I had seen them in stores and on infomercials before but never thought much of them. They claim to save you *hundreds* since there is no need to buy fabric softener or dryer sheets anymore. My Aunt Carol told me they really work so I decided to give them a try (heck, they were only $4). I must say that I am thoroughly impressed! Clothes and towels are so much softer and absolutely no wrinkles! Even Keith noticed the difference. So if you se these crazy things in the store, they are worth the money.

Exciting thing #2. I went to Target today which is a treat in itself. I wasn't in a hurry so I spent my time browsing up and down the aisles (dangerous!). The grocery there section keeps getting bigger and they also have a whole aisle of wine there now. I've been becoming more of a wine drinking in my older age and am not too fussy when it comes to the type or brand of wine. So I was thrilled to see several bottles of Merlot and Riesling marked way down on clearance. I didn't think wine or any kind of alcohol could even go on clearance. I decided to stock up! Check out the price tag :)


VandenBerg Family said...

I might have to come over for a drink!!

Em said...

Can I just say.... I saw those blue balls (hehe, sorry!) at Bed, Bath and Beyond last night... for $9.99... you say you got them for $4!! I would try them for 4, but I am not sure about 10. I am so cheap!