Wednesday, August 20, 2008

a visit to Colon

Dolly and I left for Colon today at 6:45. It took exactly 2 hours to get there. I really did not think it was a bad drive at all. Dolly wanted to ride co-pilot for most of the trip :) It is so quiet and relaxing at the cottage that Jen, Jason, and the girls are staying at. You truly feel like you are on vacation. We spent the majority of the day outside relaxing. I brought my fishing pole and caught a few bluegill off the dock. Dolly had fun playing in the water. Kelsey jumped in the jump-a-roo in the shade. Macey took a nice long nap. We went and got ice cream when Macey woke up and then went for a tour of Jason's classroom. I picked up a hot-n-ready pizza on the way home for supper and was home by 5:30. Keith is doing an estimate right now and I am watching the Olympics (synchronized swimming). Anyone else been bothered by horrible allergies lately? I am popping the Claritin like crazy!

nothing too big...but it is still fun to catch them :)

Dolly getting a drink from Macey's water table...the perfect height!

Go Kelsey Go!

Dolly relaxing


Teacher's pets :)


Carol Sue said...

It sure does look cozy and like they are on vacation. What a great place and location. WHen does Jason start teaching?

Rachel Nykerk said...

Great pictures Brenda, it looked very relaxing and inviting. Loved your big catch !

jeanh said...

Bren - AWESOME post, what fun you all must have had today! Especially love the pic of Jen & Kels sitting at the school desk, like they're all ready for the first day of school! Thanks for keeping us updated - I fear I've gotten behind in my posts, but will try to catch up soon!

Em said...

My allergies are out of CONTROL!! It is crazy! If you ever need someone to tag along on a trip to Colon I would be glad to go!! :)

VandenBerg Family said...

I hope you come on a regular basis. The kids schedule on Wed just didn't match with what you guys were up to. We'll have to make sure to see you for sure next time you come! And too bad you didn't catch any bigger fish :)!