Sunday, August 24, 2008

our weekend

Nothing too exciting to report today. We had a nice weekend with no real agenda. We went for breakfast at DeBoer's on saturday morning (Keith won a gift card). I really like the buffet they have there on the weekend. Keith had some work related errands to run so I went to Old Navy. There were people lined up outside. I didn't know why. I then saw a sign that said every pair of jeans was only $12 for 1 day only. No wonder! I found 2 pairs for Keith and 1 for myself. The place was a mad house! We just relaxed on the deck in the afternoon. I started a new book ("The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency" of Grandma Nykerk's). I talked to Jen for a while which was nice. They seem to be settling into life in Colon just fine. Keith and I went to Grandville later on so he could get fitted for a tux. He will be standing up for his friend Bill (GVSU) on Sept 6. We had dinner at TGIF in Rivertown afterwards. I had not eaten there in a long time. I cashed in my Speedy Rewards points for a $25 gift certificate :) We did a little shopping after dinner and then came home and watched a movie. We went to church this morning and then had dinner with dad and grandpa. Took a bike ride and are now watching the Tigers. Well, I can't post without at least 1 picture. Here is one of Dolly with her pretty necklace. I found it at Meijers last week for 90% off ( $0.60). It didn't last long. She was scratching her neck and the necklace snapped. She felt really bad about it.


Carol Sue said...

Dolly has no worries....I will bring her a few dog necklaces I have made that will fit her!!!
Glad that you went over for dinner today with your Dad and Grandpa. Kind of nice you had nothing formal planned for the weekend.
Enjoy the are you liking it so far?

jeanh said...

Hi Bren - I've read that book, too! It's very different than a lot of "fast-paced" books, but that's what I liked about it. Glad you enjoyed your weekend - we had a low-key one, too. Won't be long and we'll have to start making plans for our weekend up north!

VandenBerg Family said...

You had just the kind of weekend I love! And WOW...what a lot of fun gift cards you had to use!