Saturday, August 9, 2008

relaxing summer weekend

My weekend started early with a half day of work on friday. With 2 docs gone this week the office is slow so I volunteered to take time off :) Lisa came over and we layed out and chatted on the deck. We ran through the sprinkler to cool off. We felt like little kids. We met Jen in Saugatuck for dinner and drinks at Wally's. We missed you Ron and Erin! I've said it before but I just LOVE Saugatuck in the summer time. For some reason I always feel like I am on vacation somewhere far from Holland even though I am only 10 miles from home. The below drink was called Satan's Punch. Sounds dangerous doesn't it?

This morning I met Aunt Jean, Rachel, Uncle Jim, and Grandpa for breakfast at Deboers for our monthly family breakfast. Keith had to work. Most of us got the buffett and it was very good. Really good cinnamon raisin french toast. After breakfast I went to Target. I always spend a lot of time (and too much money) when I go there. I snagged a copy of People magazine to check out the pictures of Brad and Angelina's twins. Very cute pictures of the new babies with the others kids. I also made a stop at Meijers and the Gap outlet. Found a pair of flip flops for $3.99. I came home and did some rearranging of the plants and flowers in front of our house. Some of them were getting so big and starting to crowd out the other plants. It wasn't super hot out today so it was a good day for yard work. I sat on the deck and finished my book ("Answered Prayers" by Danielle Steel-not bad). Keith came home and we went to Wendy's. Took Dolly for a walk. Talked to Jen (they are moving next weekend!). Now we are watching the Tigers and flipping to the Olympics once and a while. Wish I could push the pause button on this weather... warm and sunny but not warm (or humid) enough to need to AC.


Carol Sue said...

Sounds like you had a nice weekend....Had not heard about J/J moving next week.....exciting, but bittersweet they are leaving town. What house did they find to move into?

VandenBerg Family said...

That drink looks so delicious! Wish I could have made it. That darn garage sale wore me out.
Love Ron :)

Rachel Nykerk said...

That does look like a sinfully good drink. Glad you had fun. It was nice going out for breakfast. I found another restaurant we can try sometime for breakfast. It's called the Bisquit, it is in Washington square. The food is excellent. They are open for breakfast and lunch.